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Water sports

With its sea breezes and gentle currents, Grevelingen Lake is the perfect place for discovering a wide variety of water sports. You can learn the tricks of the trade at the numerous diving, sailing and surfing schools around the lake, and if you choose to explore the waters by boat, you might be lucky enough to spot the seals lounging on their own stretch of private beach! 


Sailing on Grevelingen Lake is not just reserved for visitors with a boating licence or their own private boat. There are various possibilities for boat hire, and certain vessels can be hired with or without a license.
The lake’s marinas come in all shapes and sizes, from small, unmanned and charmingly traditional; to major hubs with lots of boating activity and luxury amenities. You are bound to enjoy the seals and the grazing cows as you pass by the lake’s tiny islands, and why not stop off at one of the islands´ jetties for a unique and breathtaking picnic spot!

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Active Breaks

Any time you look out onto the lake, you’ll be amazed at how busy it is. There are always people out sailing, fishing and motor boating or on their way back from their latest water skiing, surfing and diving expedition.
With its sea breezes and gentle currents, Grevelingen Lake is especially good for windsurfing. The facilities around the lake are excellent, with plenty of parking on the water’s edge and public toilets and showers.

Grevelingen and Olympic Gold

Grevelingen Lake is proud of its resident Olympic gold medallist. Windsurfing champion Dorian van Rijsselberghe used to give surfing lessons here, while spending his free time honing his technique on the waves. His efforts resulted in an undisputed victory and the honour of being flag bearer for the Netherlands at the London 2012 games’ closing ceremony!  

Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP)

Stand up paddle boarding or surfing (SUP for short) is exactly what is says. You use a paddle as you surf standing upright on a surfboard! It may sound simple, but stand up paddle boarding is a true test of strength, flexibility and balance. It’s a great activity, even when winds are down.


Mehr zum Waterjump lesenThe Waterjump is the latest, most pulse-racing attraction on Brouwersdam. It is an 8-metre-high, 25-metre-long and 5-metre-wide ski and snowboard ramp from which daredevil jumpers can take breathtaking dives into the waters of Grevelingen Lake. It´s a refreshing thrill for skiers, snowboarders, BMX racers, inline skaters and skateboarders; and kids are bound to have a blast!

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Island hopping!

Hompelvoet, Dwars-in-de-weg and Stampersplaat are just a few of the islands in Grevelingen Lake. These former sandbanks have grown into lovely nature areas in their own right, and a few of them are open to the public. They offer a welcome change of pace when you’re out exploring the waves. 

Hompelvoet Island

Located south of Ouddorp, this spot was already popular with bird watchers even before Grevelingen was cut off from the sea. In 2007/2008, a new island was built on the western tip of Hompelvoet to create a breeding ground for the wide variety of birds that live here. Since then, Hompelvoet has developed into an island with large, open and flower-rich plains and rugged moors. Its only year-round inhabitants are the wild horses that graze the island. Cattle are brought to graze the island in mid-May and taken back to the mainland in mid-November. Whilst the birds are breeding between 15th March to 15th August, the island is monitored by a bird watcher who observes and counts the numbers of birds, and is open to visitors.

Veermansplaat Island

Veermansplaat Island is an uninhabited island located between Bommenede harbour and the mud flats known as the Slikken van Flakkee. The island is 4km long and 1km across, amounting to a surface area of 3.7 km² (370 hectares). In 1971, the estuary was closed, turning the Veermansplaat sandbank into the island in Grevelingen Lake with the most vegetation. It has an abundance of common sea-buckthorn and willow; shell deposits and mud-flats along the shores; Shetland ponies and cattle and there is a mooring for boats and water sports.