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The FIKS Network is an 81.2-km-long network of footpaths and cycle routes in and around Grevelingen. You can bike it, walk it or drive it in one day if you are seasoned hiker or cyclist, but what’s the hurry? There’s so much you’ll miss. Why not explore the areas marinas and idyllic islands in Grevelingen Lake; test its reputation as a diving hotspot or visit the picturesque villages and magnificent scenery in the surrounding countryside? There really is so much more to see and explore in Grevelingen!

Walking and cycling

As you walk or cycle along the shores of Grevelingen Lake you´ll experience new sights, sounds, tastes and adventures. There is a great network of footpaths and cycle routes specifically designed for exploring this exquisite area, with trails and tracks that will take you right along the shoreline, past bike-friendly cafés and to ferry crossings for boat trips on the lake. The variety of choice will mean you´ll never have to take the same route twice!

Create your own route by using our Route Planner before you leave home and save it to your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Once you get to Grevelingen’s FIKS Network of footpaths and cycle route, you´ll be ready to go!

A ferry ride to the other side

There is certainly plenty of water to explore in Zeeland, and each time you spot shoreline on the horizon, you´re bound to feel its magic. There are bridges and dams, tunnels and roads connecting the islands today, but in days gone by, everyone would have needed to take the ferry. The local ferries would have been the only thing connecting the islands and their inhabitants with the rest of the world.
Now, only a few of the one hundred ferries that used to run in Zeeland have survived, making it a unique and exciting experience for cyclists and walkers. So there is little stopping you from getting to the other side, with several ferries criss-crossing the province during the summer. A ferry that takes you from Brouwershaven Harbour to Brouwersdam (Ouddorp) and Brouwersdam (Port Zélande).

Hop on and hop off for that fantastic holiday feeling. It’s convenient, easy and lots of fun!

Mountain biking

If you like powering through the mud on your mountain bike, then look no further than the MTB-trail on Brouwersdam near Port Zélande. The MTB-trail is 4.7 km of varied terrain that is challenging for experienced mountain bikers and beginners. It has woods and moors, tough climbs through the dunes as well as grassy fields with beautiful views of the lake and the chance to take a rest from the hills and thrills of the off-road obstacles. 4.7km may seem like a short distance now, but just wait until you´ve tried it! To get to the MTB-trail, take the Port Zélande exit on Brouwersdam. Take the first exit to your right after the railway and look out for a large sign for the Surfing Centre (Surfcentrum). This road leads to multiple car parks. Take the car park furthest to the left where you should see signs for the MTB-trail. Good luck!

Bike-friendly cafés

Whether you stop in for an ice cold drink or a delicious lunch, bike-friendly cafés (Fietscafés) have facilities especially designed for cyclists. There are about twenty bike-friendly cafés of all shapes and size, ranging from grand cafés to cosy coffee houses and are the ideal starting points or the perfect place for catching your breath along the way.

Click here for a list of bike-friendly cafés


It’s always a good idea to plan a sailing trip well, and with our personal route planner for sailing on Grevelingen Lake, it´s never been easier.

Plan your own personalised route using our Persoonlijk Vaarrouteboekje and you´ll be ready to hit the waves. The Persoonlijk Vaarrouteboekje is a digital guide that lets you compile all of your favourite routes and experiences in one place, with access to additional, practical information about sailing in the Delta. It’s the perfect way to make sure you don’t miss any of the highlights on land, whilst you make the most out of your time out on the waves.

The guide will also get you up to date on the local rules and regulations for sailing in Zeeland. Collisions and traffic jams may well be a rarity on the lake, but to ensure that everyone can enjoy their time in Grevelingen, safety should always come first.