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The meerGrevelingen.nl website is part of a larger concept aimed at positioning Grevelingen Lake and its surrounding area as an appealing destination for holidays and leisure and recreational activities including walking, cycling, sightseeing, touring, sailing and water sports. The concept is an initiative of the De Grevelingen Nature and Recreation Board and was made possible thanks to a financial contribution from the European Union.

The aim of this website, and other media incorporated within the meerGrevelingen concept, is to inspire and engage consumers to explore and experience the area. Inclusion in the project’s promotional activities is free to local businesses.

VVV Zeeland, a partnership between the VVV Tourist Information Offices in Zeeland and Ouddorp aan Zee, is responsible for coordinating the meerGrevelingen project. The content found on this website is based on information from the VVV Zeeland Tourist Information Office’s database.